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Plongee Teck Finished – For Now

Yesterday Big Blue Tech embarked on a trip taking us several hours away from the lovely island of koh tao for a full day trip which would visit the best coral, tropical destinations in the Gulf of Thailand.

The group consited for 3 technical divers and 2 support divers. The support divers were working as surface cover and dive deck support, they were trained to respond in case of emergency. They’re also enrolled in a Dive Master Internship course and this was some out of the ordinary to participate in. The 3 dives consisted of Guillaume Fargues, Jean-Paul Canton and James Thornton-Allan.

The day started very early, 6:30 with gas analyzing and loading of the oxygen and nitrox needed for the full day of diving. The twin sets and tech gear we’re already on board so there wasn’t too much to take with us. Arriving on boad the gear was assembled, a warm cooked breakfast was evoured and off to bed for a nap as we sailed closer to Sail Rock dive site.

After completing that dive we moved on to Chumphon Pinnacle which had much better visibility, this was a great dive because we found a dive computer on the sand. You can tell a dive site is overdived when this is the second time a computer is found by us. None the less we were down for so long we only heard the boats come and go and never saw anyone else.

The last dive was skipped because it was a shallow and it was a site we had all dived before.

This would be the final dives for the course as the repetative technical diving and physical wear and tear of hard diving would prove too much in such a short period of time. Which is perfect because we’re off cave diving in a few days and the kit needs a general service before that. The course will be continued in March when Jean-Paul returns.


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