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Plongee Tek – Continues

Today will be the final training dives for our current french technical course. As a special treat we’re finishing with a double trip to Chumphon Pinnacle where we simply park at the best dive site on Koh Tao for the entire afternoon allowing us to complete these dives with depth and safety.

Yesterday was a day of challenges as the course reached a point where it’s future was uncertain. It’s worth mentioning that technical diving isn’t for everyone and it certainly appeared to be true for this one. However after a period of reflection and a solid debreif the following dive was conducted in textbook technical diving fashion.

With the success of yesterday the entire tech team is happy to allow the continued progress of Jean-Paul on to completing his technical extended range course or Tec Deep Level 1 course. Here are some pictures from the past few days covering both the early confined diver training and also more recent open water diving activities.


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