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Technical Extended Range course – (en francais )

Today Big Blue Tech started a Technical Extended Range course for Jean-Paul Canto, a veteran french diver with over 9000 logged dives from the past 40 years.

Jean-Paul had been searching high and low for a technical diving school with multiple languages and found Big Blue Tech with an in house French Instructor Guillaume Fargues.

Today we covered the basics of technical diving from gas planning and equipment setup. The goal for the course as requested by Jean-Paul was not to go deep but learn about increased safety and because of his age be able to use increased amounts of oxygen to ensure he can dive well into retirement. Naturally the course will expose him to challenges and in excess of 40m.

For the rest of the tech team we’ve been rushing to stock the boat with red wine and cheese and have place special hangers for beret’s in the dive shop.

We’ll endeavor to post about this course daily with pictures and developments as it continues.


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