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Event – PFO and Diving Lecture

On January 30th Dr. Mihaela Ignatescu from DDRC (Diving and Diseases Research Centre) in England will be giving a lecture at Dirty Nelly’s upstairs conference hall in Koh Tao about PFO’s and Diving.

This event is free and requires no reservation to attend.

Dr. Mihaela Ignatescu is currently working at the Diving Diseases Research Centre in Plymouth as a Senior Hyperbaric Physician and will move to London in March to become the Medical Director of the Hyperbaric Unit at Whipps Cross Hospital. She has been involved in diving medicine for the last 10 years and has worked at various chambers including Sharm el Sheikh (Dr Adel Taher), Ravenna, Italy (Dr Longobardi) and London, Whipps Cross were she has treated numerous cases of decompression illness. In 2007, Dr Mihaela has completed a postgraduate study in Underwater Medicine at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa.

Dr Mihaela has been lecturing in Thailand in 2006 and she is regularly lecturing on the DMT courses and physician introductory courses in diving and hyperbaric medicine. She is a keen diver with experience in recreational and commercial diving. She also enjoys other sports like skiing and horse riding and she is speaks 6 languages fluently.


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