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Environmental Achievement Award

2008 was a strong year for our environmental efforts island wide. Only a few schools were recognized in Thailand and we’re very proud to be one of them. In 2008 many companies saw not just diving companies but all companies using the ECO issue to promote themselves without actually making any sacrifice or commitment. I think you’ll find that all individual schools who received this award made an actual measurable effort towards the environment.

It’s nice to know that there is still recognition for companies working hard to make a difference without using Go ECO as a business platform. Thank you to everyone who volunteered in 2008 and we look forward to continued efforts in 2009.

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Congratulations Big Blue!

Project AWARE is delighted to award Big Blue Diving in Koh Tao Thailand the 2008 Environmental Achievement Award. We have determined that your dive operation has met all requirements set forth for Project AWARE’s Environmental Achievement Award and shown exemplary efforts to conserve aquatic environments through education, advocacy and action. Therefore, we’re proud to name you an official 2008 recipient!

You’ll find your facility already listed on the Project AWARE website honoring 2008 Environmental Achievement Award winners, which can be viewed at:

In a separate email I will forward you the Project AWARE Environmental Achievement Award website banners. Please use these banners to increase your exposure of receiving this honor and stay tuned to industry communications for announcements and recognition. Once again congratulations and please keep us posted with all your eco news and activities.

Best wishes,

Joanna McNamara,
Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator,
Project Aware.



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