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Big Blue Padi Dive Master Course – FAQ

Our Recreational Diving branch has been swarmed with emails regarding the Padi Dive Master Internship Course. We’ve asked our resort manager, Jim Donaldson, to detail some of the highlights of this course and answer some frequently asked questions.

BBT: Some people say there’s a lot of paper work and studying in this course, what is really the core work load?

BBD: Now, in the Divemaster Course itself: you have 8 theory exams: Dive Planning, Dive Management and Control, Supervising Students in Training, Physics, Physiology, Equipment, Dive Tables and Skills and the Environment. They are all multiple choice and you need to score 75 % to pass.
Regarding the water work you need to do the following: 800 yard snorkel swim, 400 yard swim, 15 min. treading water, 100 yard tired diver tow, a skill circuit and a Rescue scenario.

BBT: What seperates Big Blue Diving Dive Master Course from the rest?

BBD: In addition you will also be trained in how to lead certified divers, organise boat trips, ensure safety on the boat and of course in the water. You will learn how to assist an instructor with students. You are required to assist a minimum of 5 Confined Water Sessions and 10 Open Water Dives. However, we normally do it more thoroughly so that you assist also Advanced Course Dives and a Rescue Course. Assisting the Rescue course will also make it easier for you to do the Rescue Scenario above.

BBT: But what does that all mean, this might sound too technical for people.

BBD: Apart from assisting your instructor with courses you will also go out on the boats that take fundivers. To begin with you will observe and dive. When you dive, you will initially follow a group of divers that is lead by one of our Divemaster’s. Once you feel confident, we’ll let you lead divers with the Divemaster at the end of the group. This way you can get important feedback about your performance (swimming too fast, not clear enough signs etc. etc.).  When we and you feel that you are ready we will let you take divers on your own but small groups to start with. You will also learn to give boat briefings and will be given regular feedback from your Instructor and our DMs. We feel that our method using small steps at a time is a fantastic way to build up your confidence level and prepare you for your future employment. By the end of your time with us you will really be able to arrange and pull off a successful dive trip on your own.

BBT: Once certified, what kind of employment opportunities are there?

BBD: If you are then to be employed as a Divemaster it is very rare that you get employed only to assist students in training. Dive centers don’t pay money for that but expect the Instructor to do the job themselves or together with Divemaster Trainees. Your job as a Divemaster will mainly entail organising dive trips, organise the boats, sort the gear out for the customers, do boat briefings, make sure everything is working smooth and is safe on the boat, give dive briefings, lead divers under water or supervise from the boat, rinse diving equipment, make sure nothing is lost, prepare torches for night dives, maintain diving equipment, change filters on compressors, arrange the merchandising etc. etc. etc. etc.

BBT: What about employing interns right out of the course?

BBD: As we tend to employ Divemasters that have done the course with us and also enjoy a very good reputation for producing high quality Divemasters we like to be able to give you all we can to make you good!

BBT: In conclusion, can you tell us how much and how long?

BBD: The price of the Divemaster Course is 25000 Baht excluding PADI materials but including all rental of our dive equipment except compasses & dive computers. Diving is great fun and a great profession for sun/sea lovers. We recommend that you spend at least 4 week on this course, with an extra 1-2 weeks for an internship. If you don’t have that much time, let me know and I’ll tailor a course specific for you!

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