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Technical Diving in Koh Tao – Weekly Update

Coming in to the middle of the month Big Blue Tech has been busy as always, seeing no chance for a rest of the tech crew. Unfortunately we say goodbye to some crew members but hello to others.

One of our technical dive managers, Niall Mackenzie who has been with us for a long time has decided to return to scotland with his girlfriend in a few days. Niall was a strong part of the team and technical community and will be missed, good luck. However this also opens up opportunities and the welcome of Simon Garrity and Darran Jones to the team. Simon will be replacing Niall and Darran fills a new posistion in Logistics coordinator which is needed for the new year to help organize activites country wide.

We’ve also made leaps and bounds into rebreather training and will hopefully have a great surprise for the end of the month for all our readers and fans.

Since the new year a program has been developing to provide volunteer emergency response on Koh Tao with the help of dive medics and former medically trained inidviduals. In past events it’s been found that access to emergency on call people has been lacking especially in terms of motorbike accidents and trauma. Members of the team will be released at a later date but our dive medic Matt Rolph will be heading the program in connection with a well know koh tao hospital. If members from the Koh Tao community are reading this we hope everyone supports this volunteer effort, especially when they realize it will be a 24 hour on call service.

Big Blue Tech will also be conducting exploration trips in the next few days looking for new dive sites to help take the stress off the current over dived ones. With charts and free boat we’ll be out plotting and looking for new pinnacles, the locations of which will be exclusive atleast removing our dive school from the over crowded sites.


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