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Top stars are urging Australians to live ‘Life on the Edge’ this summer, as an ambitious
Coastcare challenge encourages people around the nation to get active on the coast whilst
raising thousands of dollars to help Coastcare volunteers continue to protect our oceans
and beaches.

The initiative, called “Life on the Edge”  is an effort to do a collective lap around
Australia’s 36,000km coastline, where each participant or team gets sponsored to do a
100km of any non-motorised activity: walking, running, cycling, surfing, canoeing,
swimming or scuba diving are a few of the ways to get involved.

Ambassadors of the new Coastcare initiative include youngest round the world solo sailor
Jesse Martin, legendary scuba diver and marine conservationist Valerie Taylor, 7-time
Iron Man champion Guy Leech, champion windsurfer Allison Shreeve, Australian
longboard champion Harley Ingleby, freediving champion Sacha Dench, adventure racer
Jarad Kohlar and Minister for the Environment and keen surfer Peter Garrett.

Coastcare CEO Brian Scarsbrick said that anyone can take the challenge, whether they
are doing it alone, or in a group, and whether they split the distance amongst them is not
important as long as they are participating and supporting Coastcare volunteers care for
the Australian coast.

“Eighty five percent of Australians live by the coast– and most things we do on land have
an impact on coastal marine habitats.

“Many of our bird rescues, marine life surveys, clean-ups and habitat restoration projects
in Australia are carried out by more than 60,000 Coastcare volunteers – and they need our
support to continue looking after our favourite playground” Mr Scarsbrick said.

Marine legend Ron Taylor – who has actively promoted the Coastcare cause for many
years and with his wife Valerie has been awarded an Order of Australia for work in
marine conservation – said that the coast is a critical part of the Australian identity.

“Coastcare groups are out there having a phenomenal impact and Life on the Edge gives
people a chance to make a real difference.”

Valerie Taylor said “This important initiative allows the general public to support
Coastcare groups. You can go out and enjoy our remarkable coastal environment whilst
fundraising. We all have a responsibility to protect and preserve our resources for further

Participants will be able to set-up their own challenge in a personalised webpage, where
they can download videos or photos, and blog about what they encounter in the
environment while out doing the challenge.

Organisers highlight that people taking part in the challenge don’t have to cover 100
kilometres all at once. It can be broken up over numerous outings and activities and
through the personal web pages the public can see how the Life on the Edge team is
progressing as it conquers the 36,000 kilometre target – and thus spans Australia’s

Former CSIRO head of land and water Dr John Williams said “We’ve changed nature a
great deal. Intervention makes a huge difference. It’s time to listen and change. Joining
Life on the Edge is a step towards a better future.”

Fundraisers will have the extra incentive of winning Under Sea Explorer Dive Holiday,
Intrepid Travel Australian Adventures, Aerochute coastal flights, DMAG subscriptions,
PADI diving courses, Sony Digital camera, KEEN shoes and a Unique Fitness
Experience with Guy Leech.

The Life on the Edge website will be launched at Coastcare Week on December 1st, and
the campaign will run throughout the summer. Funds raised will be pooled and
distributed across Coastcare groups around the nation.

More information can be found at

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