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Put Speedos Away – Or Face Jail!

Wearing speedos away from the beach could land some people in jail.

The Caribbean island of Grenada is clamping down on the practice and wants tourists to cover up in town.
Those who flout the indecent exposure law, which bans swimming costume wearing away from the beach, are being asked to put clothes on. But they can also be fined around £180 or sent to jail for six months, according to police commissioner James Clarkson.

He said cruise ships usually tell passengers of the correct way to dress when in town, but “from time to time, there is the one or two who take their chances.” He said: “I can’t see any reason why someone would walk around town in speedos”. Mr Clarkson has also criticised people who wear baggy pants that expose their underwear. It is part of a campaign aimed at “bringing back morality into the country”. He added that some young men seemed to forget where their waist is located. “Any time you allow lawlessness to start taking effect on your country, you have a problem,” he went on.

While the Caribbean work hard to takle the growing problem of non-sports related speedo wearing, the rest of the world suffer.

However one man has a suggestion here


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