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Goodbye 2008 – Hello 2009!

With 2008 behind us and looking forward this year Big Blue Tech is working hard to expand and grow into new fields of diving.

We’re not only trying to increase the image of technical diving with new apperel, marked vehicles and advertising we also increase training with greater focus on the medical side of technical diving which is an aspect we feel requires greater attention. There are courses being developed to make this more accessible but we don’t want to speak prematurely. We also want to spend more time around thailand rather then just on Koh Tao giving the Similans Islands a strong chance of entering the technical market and opening up the caverns and caves in thailand to more then just technical divers but to everyone.

In the coming months we’ll also start to offer more cavern and cave diving trips along with rebreather events and courses further increasing Big Blue Tech’s diversity and offering more options to divers. With special thanks to Steve Burton and his wreck database website which holds detailed information on all wrecks in thailand. Also in 2009 we’ll see a return to offshore technical diving off of Koh Tao with the return of flat sea’s and the refurbshment of the Mv Trident, again offering technical liveaboards to hungry masses of narcosis seeking tekkies.

We’re also hoping to look closer at the PADI semi closed rebreather, cavern and oxygen provider courses as we feel there is a great demand for these courses and the education system offered makes it perfect for our diving clientell. But still offering TDI, ANDI and DSAT courses of the same style for those who want a bit more.

It was also a very bad year for accidents, the holiday season appeared to much for many as several of koh tao’s technical professionals got into quite serious motorcycle accidents of which some required surgery.However they’re on the fast road to recovery and we hope to see them finning again soon.

It was also the year of the credit crunch, economic downturn making technical diving even less accessible and a luxury for many, further closing the gap between recreational and technical diving. We can only hope that the situation improves not just for potential / current technical divers but for everyone.

Happy new year, Big Blue Tech Crew


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