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DSAT Gas Blending Course Completion

Today is the graduation for Oskar and Darran who completed their DSAT Gas Blender course with Big Blue Tech.

Like most courses we deliver we added our own flavour giving the student practical tools and skills to use their certification to the full extent.

Although DSAT offer a good basis for theoretical education they lack in giving the student an understanding in gas compression, compressor usage and a strong minimum amount of time blending both air and nitrox.

So we gave them the standard DSAT Gas Blender course and then gave them more. Over the past 2 full days ( 9-5 ) Oskar and Darran completed the following skills.

Day 1
– Bauer Compressor operation and maintenance (changing filters, synthetic oil, operating procedure etc)
– Twin Cylinder with manifold dissemble and assembly
– Cylinder and Valve cleaning with visual inspection
– Gross cleaning cylinders to remove corrosion.
– Using Compressor and Banks to fill air.
– Using 3 different filling whips to fill air.
– Theory and slide show presentation.
( during this time the students filled 25 air cylinders and 5 twin tanks)

Day 2
– Final Theory and Final Exam
– Partial Pressure Blending
– Filling oxygen only systems
– Continuous Flow Blending Methods
– Cylinder labeling and marking
– Oxygen Cleaning
(during this day the students filled 17 Nitrox Tanks including 2 Twin Sets and 2 deco tanks with 36%, 32% and 60% nitrox)

Because Oskar and Darran completed their course with Big Blue Tehc and we know they have the hands on skills required to actually work in this role so they’ll be earning the money spent on their course back in a few days after we complete 5 students doing their nitrox course on the 29th, that’s 10 tanks and they’ll be first in line to fill them back up and get paid for it!

For more information on this course and how you can do it, please contact us for more information.


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