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Event – DSAT Gas Blender Course

On December 27th we will be conducting our signature DSAT Gas Blender course. This course already has several participants signed up and it’s available for more technical inclined people.

The course will cover the following.

– Compressor Use
– Compressor Operation
– Air Filling Methods
– Oxygen Cleaning
– Continuous Flow Blending
– Partial Pressure Blending
– Cylinder Visual Inspection
– Oxygen Handling

This is a 3 day course where you will operate a compressor for a total of 6 hours (3 air and 3 nitrox). This is a crucial element missing from the course as many learn the theory but don’t get enough hands on experience. At Big Blue Tech we fill that gap with our in house gas compressing station.

Manual and certification included. Contact us for course price.


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