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Tec Basics Course Completion

Today Big Blue Tech celebrates the graduation of Paul Leech who completed his Tec Basics Course.

Paul is an avid diver in the Uk and spends much of his time in quarries around England. His interest in the tech course was not about going deeper but having the safety and comfort of technical diving gear in his normal recreational limit.

For Paul who wears a drysuit and dives in colder water, having the ability to dive in technical gear will provide him longer dives with now having twice the air as before.

Paul had previously completed his Deep Specialty and Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty with us and Drysuit Specialty and Wreck Specialty in England. Bringing his specialty collection to 4, this course is equivalent for a 5th Padi Specialty making him eligible as a Master Scuba Diver (now free from PADI).

So Paul not only leaves Koh Tao as an entry level technical diver but also as a Master Scuba Diver!

Below you can see a video of Paul exiting the water.


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