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Christian J. Lambertsen – Scuba Godfather

Christian James Lambertsen , born 15 May 1917 is an American environmental and diving medicine specialist who was principally responsible for developing the US Navy frogmen’s rebreathers in the early 1940s for underwater warfare. It was the first device to be called SCUBA. The US Navy considers him to be “the father of the Frogmen”.

Lambertsen served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps from 1944 to 1946 where he did a detached service in underwater operations with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). After joining OSS, he was vital in establishing the first cadres of U.S. military operational combat swimmers during late World War II.

His responsibilities included training and developing methods of combining self-contained diving and swimmer delivery for the OSS “Operational Swimmer Group”. Following World War II, he trained U.S. forces in methods for submerged operations, including composite fleet submarine / operational swimmers activity.


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