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Nitrox and Deep Course Completion

Over the past few days, we have been extremely busy. In fact so busy we’ve brought oskar who normally manages other types of diving over to help with the mass amount of students wanting to get wet with our style of diving.

After completing the Tech Rescue, we took on a rather large group of 6 individuals who wanted to ber certified to breathe enriched air nitrox up to 40% oxygen and certified to dive down to 40m.

With this amount, we took our time and spread the course out further than usual allow all the elements of the course to be absorbed.

It started with Nitrox theory and academics, learning about how the nitrox is created (on site) how the compressor works so the student gets a full hands on experience about the entire process. The course was completed with an exam and morning dives the following day. After the dives we came back to our beach front resort for some deep theory, since we’re a technical diving branch we exposed the students to aspects of decompression theory and the realities of deep diving not clearly described in the book. Today was their final training dives which exposed them to narcosis at a depth of 40m.

During the course all students were given a dive computer as is standard with every course.

Congratulations to Auke, Arne, Paul, Darran, Mirko and Colin. And good luck to the 3 more starting tomorrow.


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