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Xtreme Gap Technical Internship

The great people at Xtreme Gap have released a new promo video about what they do here on Koh Tao. They also offer technical diving internship which helps people who want a break to get into technical diving easier. This is their breakdown of their 12 week internship. They put it together in a great way so your parents will have to say yes 🙂

Here’s is what happens.

Become a Technical Diver! – Divemaster + Nitrox + TECH Deep Diver


Technical diving or Tech Diving is any type of SCUBA that is considered higher risk than conventional recreational diving. This could be penetration diving (wrecks and caves etc) or decompression diving, solo diving, mixed gas diving or using specialist technical equipment such as re-breathers.

Technical divers can go deeper for longer using a different blend of gases and well planned dive profiles encompassing decompression stops on ascent. This is not an activity for amateurs or novice divers or wimps!

Xtreme Gap have partnered with one of Thailand’s leading Technical diving organizations to instruct you how to execute tech dives safely. Qualifications in Technical diving can lead to a very lucrative career in under water archeology, research and preservation.

If you are interested in doing this and currently have no diving experience, you will have to enroll in the Divemaster course first and then we will upgrade you after you have the necessary experience.

This program will first take you through the Divemaster Nitrox course and will include 20 Nitrox dives. Than the program will consist of a 10 day course followed by a 3 day “live aboard” on a specially equipped technical wreck diving vessel, during which time, you shall learn to blend gasses, learn about the equipment (including assembly).

Here’s whats included

· Travel advice prior to departure

· We will supply a letter to you to get an extended Visa for 3 months –

negating the need to do an expensive and irritating “Visa Run”

· Hotel in Bangkok on the night before leaving for paradise

· Transfer from Bangkok to Koh Tao

· In Country Representative to meet you off the boat

· Comfortable and clean: 12 weeks accommodation at the dive resort

· Welcome gift: Dry bag, T-shirt, Thai sim card for mobile phone and more…

· Island introduction and dinner party on arrival

· Organized monthly night out for Xtreme Gappers

· Dive master course with 20 nitrox dives

· Nitrox course

· Technical diving course

· Live aboard

· 2 months internship

· Wreck diving

· All PADI workbooks and manuals

· Dedicated instructor

· Divemaster kit pack (for you to keep) – Dive encyclopedia, Divemaster slates, RDP Wheel

· Use of dive equipment: Regulators, BCD, Weights, Tanks, Wet suit, Masks and Fins

· Specialist dive insurance

· Qualification certificates

· 12 weeks Food Allowance (optional)

· Substantial discounts of retail prices for all diving equipment. (enquire)

For more information check out Xtreme-Gap


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