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The water rises and sweeps in new PADI Instructors

Every month Koh Tao welcomes new PADI open water instructors to the community. Last night 37 people from various schools on the island were celebrated in finishing their PADI Instructor Development Course. Out of those people were two from Big Blue, Helen and Dan.

The event was celebrated with free food, live music and lots of drinking. The effects of last night could be seen as everyone is hiding at home feeling rather sorry for themselves.

In other news the resort is doing a major cleanup after a massive flood rose above wasit level in several areas causing nasty brown water to flood the service areas and staff accomodation. Included in that flood was the tech room, thankfully our stuff is water proof.

Although nothing was really damaged it will take some time to clean everything and service the equipment.

If you know what big blue normally looks like (a paradise) you’ll be surprised to see these pictures below.

However today the ground is now dry and the sea calm and the sun is shining… for now.


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