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VRx – the latest addition to the VR range of dive computers

The VRX is the latest in dive computing technology. For a limited period the ‘08 model will come fully loaded as a Closed Circuit Trimix computer (C1 to C4 PIN’s supplied) with rebreather port activated.

· Built in torch
· Range of colours
· Low profile design
· High resolution graphics
· Military specification available
· Enhanced ergonomic functionality
· NEW – Variable Gradient Model (VGM) algorithm
· Rebreather interfaces, 1 or 3 cell monitoring
· Replaceable, Lithium Ion rechargeable battery system/4 year battery warranty!!
· ROHS compliant (ensures we manufacture to the highest environmental standards)

The new battery system is a step towards reducing the burden on the environment. It is rechargeable, long life (4 year warranty), replaceable at factory. Battery charging options 240v, 110v, 6v and even a solar source.

VGM overview

VR Technology announce their new Variable Gradient Model Decompression Algorithm.
Haldane theory has long been and still is the basis of many of today’s decompression algorithms, from simple dissolved gas models through to complex bubble growth systems.

Using this and their own extensive track record in dissolved gas and bubble growth modeling, VR Technology has again pioneered a new decompression algorithm utilising the benefits found in all of the current systems whilst implementing some new techniques. The new algorithm allows the basic user a simple series of options to select an algorithm suitable for their style of diving while still allowing the experienced user the ability to customise their profile based on their own experience, equipment in use, gas type and dive depth.

It has long been accepted that most algorithms heavily penalise the diver for using large fractions of helium. VGM takes into account that rebreather use with high helium content is becoming the norm for Technical Diving and hence allows the experienced user to extensively customise their profile through a range of defaults or user selectable setups. It also allows for the fact that divers are individuals and not everyone fits the physical and metabolic profile of the ‘standard human diver’. The new system allows customisation of the deep to shallow stop ratio and the overall stop time at each level to cater for this and other levels of experimental diving.

The default setting built into the system simulates the well established decompression profiles of our VR range of computers. Adjusting the algorithm to reduce the default profile may for some divers increase the risk of decompression illness and should be undertaken with extreme care and decisions to do so should be based on previous experience and/or controlled trials.

The new system will exclusively be included in our new VRX dive computer and will also be launched with a new VGM PC based decompression planning system.


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