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Busy Busy Busy Diving in Koh Tao

This past week has been very busy for Big Blue Tech. We trained 6 new Padi Enriched Air Divers, 4 Deep Divers, 1 DSAT Gas Blender and gave Dive Master Trainees their Equipment and Physics lecture, i think it’s time for a day off.. phew.

During this time of year when people are getting ready for the Christmas holidays it’s typically quite quiet on Koh Tao. Several smaller schools close for the slow months making Big Blue very busy. Where some schools struggle to send their own boat out and book space on ours making today a very busy day with all our boats heading out with over 40 customers. And that was just in the morning.

But why do so many choose Big Blue and not the other schools? Well i think the efforts of the staff, the sense of family, the location, the fact we care about everything we put into our courses and we’re a western owned school. Which means it’s not just about money but quality as well. I’m not saying the Thai owned schools are any less but for staff it’s nice to make suggestions and have them heard about how to improve customer experience.

There’s also another reason the schools are closed and that’s monsoon. I must admit the weather isn’t the greatest but the visibility is in excess of 30m making the dive a bit darker, the boat ride a bit rougher but the experience unique.

With the turn in weather the Mv Trident is off to dry dock for a coat of paint and good going over leaving us wondering where to go and what to do with our technical diving courses. Here’s what we’ve come up with.

Similans: I know a lot of people go deeper to hit the wrecks. But take the pristine dive destination of the Similans into consideration for technical diving. For some, the idea of looking at something during decompression rather then the blue below is favorable. To spend over an hour on a great dive site with whale sharks, manta rays and pretty much every other tropical marine life is quite an adventure. Albeit not for everyone so we have another idea.

Caves: Those who like wrecks will love caves. Cave diving especially deep penetration is very very dangerous. While we strive to excel in deep ocean exploration we must admit we’re not the top when it comes to cave diving so we’ve teamed up with the mainland pro’s to do cave diving in combination with your technical diving course. We’re very excited about this because we have a lot of unexplored caves and cavern systems just itching to be penetrated by virgin technical divers (i wonder what kind of spam we’ll get after that sentance)

So it’s not the best for sun tanning so trade your sun block in for a rain coat and come enjoy pristine diving conditions.


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