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Ben Crichon – Tec Deep Course Testimonial

My Experiences With Big Blue Tech

My experiences with BBT began when I started to get tired with conventional diving and wanted to push my limits. I started to look for a means to do some of the speciality courses that PADI offers and thus I came upon BBT.
I began by doing my Nitrox and Deep diver courses and had a great time doing them and still wanted to do more. During these courses I noticed that my instructor, James Thornton-Allan, was wearing twin tanks, obviously this made me curious and so I asked about it and was told about tech diving.

Tech diving sounded like a new means to push my diving further than recreational levels so after a glowing sales pitch I was hooked on the idea and signed up for tech level one with the possibility of tech deep diver at a later date.
During my tech level one I encountered some of the other aspects of tech diving on the island that BBT has available such as trips on MV Trident and also encountered the other instructors on the island such as Niall Mackenzie.
The course consisted of some complex learning but I always had the support available from James and Niall if I became stuck on any particular aspect to help me get to grips with some of the new concepts that tech diving introduces.
Throughout the courses, the friendliness and welcoming nature of the instructors always made me feel like the course was good fun and the important aspects were always made very clear to me and it was always regularly re-iterated to me to ensure I remembered but not in a strict manner so I never felt as if I was being told off if I didn’t remember.

It was these aspects and the amount of fun that I had during the course, in a large part down to the teaching, that convinced me to continue to do tech level two and complete my tech deep diver course.
It is also these elements that make me increasingly willing to drop everything and head back out to Thailand to continue doing more tech diving with BBT!


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