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Tekkie Update: Cat La Puma – PADI Tec Basics Specialty

As the season on the east coast of Thailand winds down, we’re catching up with some of our past students. We contacted Cat La Puma who completed her PADI Tec Basics Specialty with Big Blue Tech. When Cat came to us she was interested in specialties and was planning on doing some underwater archeology and needed some technical experience so she could stay down longer when surveying

After completing the course Cat left Thailand and now we’re seeing how she is and whats new

Q: Where are you now and what are you doing?
A: Ive currently just arrived back in Perth, after spending 4 months going through Africa and Europe (and diving of course), and then there was the 4 months in Asia before that

Q: What do you remember most about your technical diving experience?
A: What did i learn most? i suppose just gaining an awareness of my gear through the excercises we did underwater, and having a greater understanding of what i am doing and the possible consequences

Q: What plans do you have in the future for technical diving?
A: My plans? well im currently just trying to get up my number of dives so i can come back and finish my course 🙂 you will see me again!

Q: If you’re not diving on a regular basis, why not?
A: And im diving semi-regularly, mostly because ive been backpacking so im not always near the coast, though im planning to head to belize to do my divemaster soon, so that should definately get my dive numbers up.

Cheers Cat, nice to hear from you again.

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