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DSAT Tec Deep Course Liveaboard Trip

As we have completed the final local training dives on the Mv Trident with Hannah we’re now ready to head out to the Htms Pangan and a Very Very Very Old Pottery Wreck

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Todays 2 dives were met with waves, rain and dark diving. The black clouds turned the water very dark. However and unfortunately on the bow was the best visability we have seen this season, albeit very very dark. The rest of the wreck was a dark limited visibility of about 1 meter. It makes for great training but not the nicest diving as the recreational customers didn’t appreciate it that much.

However we did see a very large Marble Ray lying in the sand next to the engine room which we’ve never seen in koh tao. Actually we almost swam into it because the “vizz” was so low in that area.

Tomorrow at 4pm we’ll be off for 3 days. During that time there’ll be no news or updates. A full Trip Report to follow soon after along with pictures.

In the meantime have a look at our PADI Tec Basics Specialty for those looking to get a nice easy step in technical diving.

We’re also starting a DSAT Nitrox Gas Blender course on the 28th. Contact us to enroll now.


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