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Thank you to everyone who responded to the Barack Obama post about his involvement in the USS Lagarto wreck topic. If anyone else has a source of information we would love to see it. We emailed his campaign people, i’m sure they have nothing better to do, so we’re not holding our breathes on that one, This wreck wasn’t found by us and it’s very rarely dived but it’s nice to have a permanent online record since it looks like he’ll be the most powerful man in the world in a few weeks.

However, tomorrow we’re off on a Wreck Wednesday trip and more technical training for Hannah. We’re climbing aboard the Mv Trident Technical Liveaboard Vessel for her last local training dives on the Unicorn Wreck. After that we’re off for 3 days and 3 nights of deep ocean technical wreck diving on the HTMS Pangan. Let’s hope the weather holds out which has been spotty with rain and clouds, but who cares when you have a full service vessel, you just watch a dvd or have a nap if the deck is wet (after all, we’re there to get wet)

Unfortunately this will be the last trip on the Trident for the season (awwwwww) an excerpt from their website reads:

“The season is nearly finished for any long range trips on this side of Thailand.

In a few days we have our last trip, to the Pangan and to a Chinese pottery wreck hundreds of years old.

2008 has been a good year, a few big new steel wrecks and the Chinese ones for a change.

Fuel prices hit us hard for a while so we encouraged divers to dive an extra day on trips to cover the increase, it worked well.

Have a look at our new promo video

The boat is off to the yard very soon, some paint and new seals only if all goes to plan.

Hope to see you aboard next year”

But have no fear, similans technical is here. During the departure of the MV Trident we’ll be doing deep ocean technical diving in the Similans Islands on one of the many liveaboards, a few of them fitting for technical diving as we speak.

As you may of noticed there’s mention of a new promo video for Trident. This video was created by Ace Marine Images and showcases their new wrecks and a bit about what its like on board. I personally think it’s a a bit long for a promo at 16 minutes but if you love this sort of diving you’ll love the video.. here’s a link to it from YouTube

Tomorrow we’ll post some more information about technical diving in the Smilans, however we’ll be a bit quiet for a few days as we’re out into the blue on the trip. A full trip report and pictures to follow


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