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WWII submarine USS Grunion Found!

The technical team and our customers are enjoying a few days off before the next series of dives on wednesday. So with that we bring you another submarine. We have a lovely little world war 2 submarine off the coast of Koh Tao here called the USS Lagarto and it seems someone else has found one too.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (8 Oct 2008) — The Navy has confirmed the wreckage of a sunken vessel found last year off the Aleutian Islands is that of the USS Grunion, a submarine that disappeared during World War II.

Officials at the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park at Pearl Harbor have been closely monitoring the efforts to identify the World War II vessel.

Charles Hinman, director of education and outreach at the museum, will join Navy officials and family members of Grunion’s crew at a memorial service in Cleveland on Saturday. The service will honor the 70 crew members killed on or about July 30, 1942.

Underwater video footage and pictures captured by an expedition hired by sons of the commanding officer, Lt. Cmdr. Mannert L. Abele, allowed the Navy to confirm the discovery, Rear Adm. Douglas McAneny said last week in a news release.

The Abele brothers – Bruce, Brad, and John Abele – located the submarine near Kiska almost a mile below the ocean’s surface.

The Abele brothers contacted the USS Cod Submarine Memorial and Hinman, seeking help in identifying the wreckage. The vessel is lying at a depth of about 3,200 feet, and the very cold water and lack of significant currents have preserved much of the wreckage.

Hinman said he has been following the Abeles’ search efforts closely and is gratified that the Navy has officially identified the wreckage.

“That gives closure to the families,” he said.

The Grunion arrived at Pearl Harbor on June 20, 1942, according to Pacific Fleet Submarine Force records. It departed on its first war patrol June 30 and was ordered to the Aleutian Islands and patrolled westward from Attu between the Aleutians and Japan.

It’s official: Sunken wreckage is WWII submarine USS Grunion

The USS Grunion disappeared on or about July 30, 1942 in the Aleutian Islands.

It’s official: Sunken wreckage is WWII submarine USS Grunion
The USS Grunion disappeared on or about July 30, 1942 in the Aleutian Islands.

On July 10, Grunion was reassigned to the area north of Kiska. During the next 20 days, the submarine reported firing on an enemy destroyer, sinking three destroyer-type vessels, and attacking unidentified enemy ships near Kiska.

Grunion’s last transmission was received on July 30, 1942. The submarine reported heavy antisubmarine activity at the entrance to Kiska, and that it had 10 torpedoes remaining forward.

There was no contact or sighting of the submarine after July 30, and on Aug. 16, Grunion was reported lost.

Abele was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross for heroism.


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