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Product Review: Halcyon Evolve

Here at Big Blue Tech we have many different types of technical equipment from double bladder wings to single, from fixed harnesses to comfort ones.  Each one posses benfits and drawbacks. One of more recent purchases was a Halcyon Evolve Wing.

The Wing itself is perfect for technical diving in terms of lift and comfort. A very simplistic design compared with other bc’s

Looking at the wing a few aspects can arguably be a benefit or a deterent and that’s the donut design. The first time we dived with this wing we hated it.. having a balloon pressing on your backside on the surface was an unusual feeling from what we were used to. Also having attached an SMB deployment system on the base of out plates made the even more uncomfortable.

However we then started looking at halcyon as a minimilst design approach. We removed the SMB deployment plate and put them in our thigh pockets. Once that adjustment was made it was far more comfortable.

Another thing we didn’t like was the air shift when triming. OMS control this with bungees so the air is evenly distributed. But like anything, once used to it we were fine and actually prefered it to the OMS system.

Although in the end we liked diving with this ourselves there is one major feature still missing from halcyon products which is a dual inflation system as a backup. This means we cannot use this product for course work. In previous use of halcyon products on expeditions, the primary inflator broke and there was no backup option, had i been on OMS it would be no problem at all.

In our opinion it’s great for fun diving or expedition if you have a backup bc somewhere on board but other then that it’s not very practical. Event the dump valve is on this inside of the wing which leads me to wonder who was testing this.

– Light Weight, easy transport
– Streamlined and less pressure on backplat
– Simple and clean design

– No Backup Inflation
– Donut design is weird to get used to
– inflator is cheap plastic (in thailand
– Dump Valve is on inside of bladder and not on exterior (facing the surface when horizontal
– One tank band hole option, no room for adjustment.