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DSAT Gas Blender Course Completion

Today is graduation of Hanna Lusby (also in the process of her tec deep course) and James Caliendo (Big Blue Staff) from their DSAT Gas Blender Course.

Albeit a simple 2 and half day course it certifies them to blend nitrox cylinders and allows them create nitrox for use at the resort.

The course started yesterday with theory about oxygen properties, hazards and a general overview of blending. We also added to the course some basic compressor maintenance and operation. There’s nothing in the gas blender course about filling air tanks or changing filters so we spent the afternoon working with air before nitrox.

Today we wrapped up theory with different types of blending methods and how to produce nitrox with our 2 available methods of continous flow and partial pressure. The afternoon was spent watching the students fill the nitrox tanks within 1% variation of the intended mix. Both James and Hannah did great and were working through the entire process of both nitrox and compressor operation without prompting. A bit of helium theory and some partial pressure blending and they were done. With an exam to follow they should be up and blending very shortly.

In fact, the tech team is out on the Full Day Trip double Chumphon Pinnacle morning with Hannah doing some more technical training… . So that all means James will be blending for the orders already. This is perhaps one of the few courses on Koh Tao where you can start making money back for the course few the very next day!

Below are some pictures from today.


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