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Archive for October 11, 2008

Technically Open Water

Last night was a huge party. Local beach bar Vibe invited Big Blue staff and customers to their place to thank us for this seasons business. We often support Vibe with big wallets and thirsty mouths but curse them the next day with massive hangovers.

Thankfully the Tech staff went home early because today is the first training dives in open water for Hannah. Meeting at big blue for lunch we made our way out to the boat for a relaxing afternoon of simulated decompression. Hannah had just completed her first exam of 120 questions scoring a score of 95%.
The afternoon dive sites are Twin Pinnacles and White Rock. For training dives 4,5 in open water there are minimum depth requirements so we spent most of the time in the sand practicing skills. For Hannah this would be the first time running a dive slate and using it as a guide for her dive including runtimes and stops.

After our last confined session we adjusted her harness and some gear features and this improved her buoyancy and overall comfort quite a lot.

After completing these dives it’s now on to dives 6,7 which won’t be for a few days as we’ll focus again on academics and the final exam while the weather has been poor. The training team are hoping to complete her local training on the Full Day Trip before heading out on the Trident for the deeper and more challenging dives.