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Archive for October 9, 2008

Hannah’s Technical Difficulty

Today Hannah Lusby, who’s making her way through the myriad of obstacles in the DSAT Tec Deep course completed the final confined session before heading out to deeper open water in a few days. Much lies ahead for Hannah including 2 exams with over 150 questions combined, multiple dives and new skills. But today was about getting out of the skill heaving environment and more about diving.

Unfortunately we were quite limited because of depth, in confined for technical diving under DSAT confined is 10m max. That isn’t really the best for technical buoyancy. I think perhaps a range of 20m gives the best change in BCD to expose the diver to change in levels.

However deep or shallow, Hannah excelled in the skills and it was an enjoyable, funny confined session and very happy now to look forward to the future of the course.


Professional Technical Exploration Trip

So many events and such little time.

Today the Mv Trident is heading out to sea for some sneaky beaky exploration with a manifest consisting of local professionals only. This is not a trip for customers or beginners, so you may wonder why mention it, well because the purpose is to go out and explore wrecks to take people in the future. The plan is a simple 3 days 3 night live-aboard taking many friends and colleagues from Koh Tao’s Technical Community.

Also today Hannah will be heading out to one of confined bays to complete her last shallow diving work before heading out into open water. There’s about 20 skills in this dive alone so we’ll be splitting it up over the afternoon so it’s not such a overload.

If you’ve been watching the news you might of noticed the events in Bangkok, be rest assured that the violence is in a small part of bangkok. Friends of ours were in bangkok when the riot happened and didn’t even notice. It’s business as usual in the tourist sections so come, drink snake blood, go diving, ride elephants and get out of your office!

The scheduled course trip of October 22nd has been moved to the 23rd. Unfortunately Niall (our other staff member) is still in Scotland and will miss it. This is the signature trip for technical diving students on the HTMS Pangan Wreck. It’s still not to late to book on to this trip as a student or as a certified diver.

In the coming events we’ll be moving on to the Similans because the waves get bigger and the big boat Mv Trident goes into dry dock for seasonal repairs.  Time to fire up the “Deep Jeep” and hit the road with the gear and do some deep coral and manta ray diving!

And finally it’s with warm farewell that we say goodbye to many members of the Koh Tao diving community who have decided to move off and explore the rest of the world for a bit. So Brad, Laura, Jade, Craid, Learke, Sonia, Sanna, Roby and Church we hope to see you all again soon.