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Archive for October 8, 2008

Wreck Wednesday on Trident

Today is our weekly wreck diving trip where we take the thrill seekers and depth hunters away from the normal coral and fish environment and take them on the Unicorn Wreck located off the coast of Koh Tao.

The unicorn wreck was reported as sank by a hurricane but if you look into the story you’ll find that’s not the case exactly and more of an insurance scam. Either way what matters is that it did sink and that we know where it is.

Days like this however can be challenging and much like all aspects of diving has hazards. Thankfully we have access to the Mv Trident crewed by responsible staff who take every measure to ensure safety and comfort for their divers.

Today we have a diver called Jeurgen who hails from Germany and has done most of his training in Europe, thankfully that means he won’t be too bothered about the possible bad visibility, it’s still 30 degree water 🙂

The day runs like most trips, food, dives and drinks returning to land in the afternoon.

While that happens the technical crew quietly waits for the new continuous flow nitrox panel. We’ve cleaned the room, changed the oil in the compressor, got the oxygen but no panel… can’t rely on Thai post as much as British i suppose.