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Shark Day without Sharks?

Today we departed from the dive shop at 10:30 on another full day trip. However this was a special event. The evening before we had a screening of the movie Sharkwater and now we were off to go find them. The day was for a great cause as 10 pounds or 20 dollars from each participant went to education and charity associated with sharks.

The day is planned to go to Chumphon Pinacles where we have bull sharks and grey reef sharks and then on to shark bay to snorkel with the babies. A full lunch in between and then a cold beer on the way back.

However the entire day was void of sharks. One person saw a bull shark in the thermocline but the majority saw nothing where 6 months ago you would of been guaranteed to see one.

The dive sites have a natural rotation when sharks go to the mainland to mate and breed in rivers since sharks need fresh water to breed. But its very unusual to see none over different locations.

It appears the message of sharks being endangered has been sent and in the end it was still great diving and perfect visibility.


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