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Full Day Trip – Deep and Nitrox – Whale Shark

Today the technical team embarked on a PADI/SSI Deep and NItrox combined Specialty course on the Full Day trip which saw a boat accomodate 51 people diving at Sail Rock, one of koh taos most beautiful dive sites.

The boat departed at 7 am with divers from all over the world and different activities from Advanced Open Water Course to Dive Master Course. Although the boat was quite full there was plenty of space on the 3 floor boat Banzai.

After a full hot breakfast began theory for the deep dive to 40m. This included hazards, benefits and planning of deep diving.

As teh group decended we were met by large schools of pelagic fish including Barracuda and Trevalli. With up to 30m visibility you could see quite soon the 40m point for conducting the skills. A package of potatoe chips with a red bag and a water bottle were taken along to show light and pressure changes. The group did very well with the narcosis, remarking that they did feel it but it wasn’t uncomfortable.

Back on the boat there was a light snack and time for nitrox theory including partial pressure knowledge and gas analysis. As we descended we were met by a 5m whale shark at 15m. We were able to stay with the majestic beast for over 30 minutes because of the nitrox. After the whaleshark left we went through the chimney which is a vertical swim through.

Back on the boat, we enjoyed lunch, swapped on to our next mix of 36% nitrox and headed off to South West Pinnacle. Here we would conduct the surface consuption swim and simulated decompression stop and out of air drills.

Upon returning to the dive shop everyone enjoyed a cold beer and watched the sunset reflecting on the day of seeing one of the rarest marine animals in the world and completing 2 specialty courses.

Congratulations for Dyland, Paul, Andy and Fiona


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  1. Andy & Fiona Campbell

    Was a great day, great instruction and great to see a whale shark… we learnt a lot and most importantly we learnt in safety! Will be back at Big Blue and Big Blue tech, soon, real soon.

    October 5, 2008 at 9:19 pm