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Big Blue Tech Discover Technical Diving Day

Today the technical diving team hosted a whole day of discover technical diving for Individuals doing their PADI Dive Master Internship at Big Blue and Staff who had the day off. The day began with an academic session explaining some aspects of decompression theory, equipment philosophy and basic info about the history behind technical diving.

The students were shown how to assemble their equipment and how the complex system of hoses and valves are used. In total we were able to accomodate 8 people, however with our 5 sets of tecnical gear we could only take 4 at a time. The people waiting weren’t too bothered as they sun tanned or had a swim while from the boat at the dive site.

As the afternoon approached we loaded the transport boat and headed out to one of our main diving vessels called Navakid. This boat in particular is ideal for technical diving because of the raised work bench for assembly and donning the equipment.

Once there a dive briefing on skills and signals and the first group were off. Many were surprised how comfortable the gear. because of the harness system there’s not abdominal squeeze found in recreation systems.

The skills conducted of out of air drills, shutting down failed regulators and buoyancy. This was followed by an hour long dive including a trip into some hidden caverns do give a bit of excitement.

Below are some pictures from the event. If you would like to be part of this day contact us for the next date.


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