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Shark Week calls for change

European Shark Week, for which the public are asked to run all manner of activities in support of shark conservation, takes place from 11-19 October.  
In the UK, the event is being promoted by The Shark Trust, which describes it as “a unique opportunity for people across Europe to demonstrate their support for shark conservation in a way that can really effect change”.

Materials including banners, badges, posters, leaflets and stickers are available from the Trust, for those willing to promote the campaign to change European law for more effective shark conservation measures in EU waters.

A key element is the collection of campaign petition signatures. “During European Shark Week 2007, aquariums, dive clubs and other organisations helped host more than 100 events and collected more than 20,000 signatures,” says The Shark Trust. “This year is truly pivotal for European shark policy.”

To find out more about European Shark Week, obtain publicity materials or sign the petition online, go to

Participants who get hold of the event’s big-fin posters are asked also to contribute digital photographs of people with them, for a campaigning online picture wall at, website of the European shark conservation umbrella group of which The Shark Trust is a member.
Source: Divenet


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