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Koh Tao: Bio Rock

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Bio Rock - Koh TaoFor the last 3 years, members of the local community have been testing the applicability of Bio Rock technology on Koh Tao through a small pilot project built by the Koh Tao Dive Operators Club and Bio Rock Thailand. In that time, we have observed dramatic improvements in coral health and biodiversity, and fish abundance in the area on and around the Bio Rock. With the success of the pilot project, Save Koh Tao and the local community of Dive Schools and businesses have decided to construct a larger Bio Rock that will act to improve the health of our reefs and reduce the damages caused by SCUBA diving on natural areas.

The construction is set for September 2008, and fund raising efforts are already underway. This project will further increase awareness and community involvement in environmental conservation projects and improve tourist perceptions of Koh Tao. See the Koh Tao Bio Rock 2008 Project Proposal for more detailed information or if you can assist with granting and fund raising efforts.

Bio Rock is an artificial reef structure that uses low voltage electrical current to improve the growing conditions for corals and other reef organisms. This process is called mineral accretion, and uses electrolysis of sea water to lower the surrounding water pH level which causes minerals to precipitate out and collect on the structure by. Corals, calms, and other calcium carbonate secreting organisms growing on the structure are able to grow on an average of 3 to 5 times faster, and in a wider range of environmental conditions, such as warmer, more acidic, or more nutrient rich waters. See also or
In order to make this project successful we need help to raise the funds required to purchase materials for the construction and maintenance of the structure. We will be funding the project primarily from money donated by the dive shops and affiliated businesses and organizations. But it is donations from the visitors and locals whom enjoy the reefs that will make the biggest difference. You can bring your donations to a participating dive school’s donation bin, or <!–
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. We thank you for your support, to stay updated on this and other projects please come back to our site.


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