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Growing, Shaking and Moving

Thankfully as this is written the sun has returned to Koh Tao and graced us with it’s burning sweat inducing glory. Unfortunately that doesn’t bring as many people as it used to. With global economic uncertainty and growing problems in bangkok this high season is slowly becoming slow. This has had a great effect on other regions where tourism is down 40%. Thankfully however it hasn’t effected us. One of the nice things about technical diving is that it’s elite, exclusive and expensive and with that we’ve actually seen a rise in responses and communication along with course bookings.

To that extent we welcome Hanna Lusby to the Training Team who will be helping out while Niall Mackenzie is back in Scotland for 4 weeks and will remain on staff after to help with the increased customer and course flow. Hannah is not only now part of the team but a very close friend and it’s always great to have your working team like a family. Hannah’s role will be supervising and conducting pre-requisite courses along with developing the diving for disabilities program we’re hoping to introduce in the new year.

As Niall is probably somewhere in the air at the moment he’s probably looking forward to meeting up with former technical students Tim Klein and Malin Hermansson who are all attending a part in Amsterdam. But it’s not all fun and games for Niall as he’ll be meeting with several universities to discuss co-op programs for students in the future. The party sounds like fun but not the weather.

Also We’re getting into our Cave and Similans season as Koh Tao creeps closer and closer to not being viable for long range technical diving. We’ll be working with professionals in both industries to help bring the continued level of excellence to all our courses for our customers.

And finally the MV Trident departed today with the entire “Tech Gang” except James who’s busy cleaning tanks on land (sucker) Mv Trident departed for 7 days of technical exploration on their signature Hammer Head Tour which saw our resident Dive Medic Matt Rolph attend as a diver and emergency support if needed, we all think he’s going just to keep an eye on his girlfriend but we know its for the diving.

So the sun is back, the sea is flat and the beer is most definetly cold. Forget “Bangkok Dangerous” and remember this isour daily commute


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