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Discover Technical Diving Day

Tec Gear + Girls Kissing = Priceless

Yesterday was a Discover Technical Diving Day for Hannah, Nora, Andy and Meriaea (spelling?) at Big Blue Tech.

The day was broken down into a short theory session, equipment assembly, skill introduction and then a dive. The Dive was done a Japanese Gardens which is a confined bay at Nang Yuan Island next to Koh Tao.

After the theory sessions where the philosophy of technical diving and the principles behind it we explained the gear was loaded on to the Long Tail and then on to the main boat which was commandeered by us for the day.

After assembling the equipment it was time to get in the water and practice some skills like gas shut down, sharing air, buoyancy, using a lift bag and reel. After that we went to the surface and went off on a 75 minute dive. Normally this would not be possible because of the limited amount of air in one cylinder. But in technical gear we all came up with more than enough to stay down longer but some were getting cold.

The divers were shown areas of the site never seen before including a cavern/cave where you can surface the entire time you’re inside. It’s safe for beginners to have complete access to the surface but still creating that essence of cave diving.

Back on land the equipment was cleaned and put away. If you would like to join us for an afternoon of experiencing technical diving contact us and it can be arranged with a days notice.

Two girls had so much fun they decided to have a little kiss at the end. Being equal rights advocates and all who are we to stop them.


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