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APD recall over faulty hoses

Ambient Pressure Diving has found that some hoses fitted to its products could be unsafe due to insufficiently crimped connector fittings.

The fittings should be crimped so that eight flats are clearly visible on the fitting collar (picture, top). If the collar is smoothly rounded, crimping has not been done (picture, bottom).

“While these [uncrimped] hoses work properly for a time, there is potential and a very real risk of the hose fittings coming away from the hose,” says the company.

Potentially affected are low-pressure hoses used on Inspiration, Evolution and Evolution+ rebreathers; the Buddy Blast Hose (air horn end only); second stage regulator hose (second stage end only); and gas connection system (second stage/ADV end only).

Among the rebreathers, the hoses to examine are the ADV hose (ADV end only); buzzer hose (both ends); oxygen supply hose (solenoid end); and handset hose (lid end).

It is thought that the problem relates to a small number of hoses made between April and July this year. But it is “prudent to look back further”, says APD, such that customers who purchased hoses after January 2007 – either as part of another product or as a spare – are asked to check their hose-crimping.

Divers should not dive again with any hose suspected of being defective, but contact APD to obtain a replacement.

APD is contacting directly all its known customers who have bought potentially affected equipment.

APD hoses which employ screw-together fittings – which account for the majority of low-pressure hoses made by the company since the mid-1980s – are not affected by the recall.

To obtain a replacement or make an enquiry about the recall, call AP in the UK on 01326 563834, or in the USA on 603-447-2600. Alternatively send an email to

Source: Divenet


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