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Claimed by the Sea – Long Island Shipwrecks

Author Adam Grohman has recently released his most ambitious project to date, “Claimed by the Sea – Long Island Shipwrecks”, taking an in depth look at eleven shipwrecks situated in the waters around Long Island. The wrecks that are included in the book are the: Savannah, Lexington, U.S.S. Ohio, Circassian, Seawanhaka, Oregon, Louis V. Place, General Slocum, U.S.S. San Diego, Andrea Doria, and the Gwendoline Steers, and the history of the wrecks is included along with photographs of the sunken vessels and recovered artifacts…

“Claimed by the Sea is an amazing look into the past,” Grohman claimed. “The research outlines the sometimes forgotten nautical history of Long Island. The book dives into the history of 11 different shipwrecks starting with the loss of the Savannah – the first vessel to utilize steam power for transatlantic travel – to the terrible loss of life aboard the tug boat Gwendoline Steers in the early 1960s. Throughout the research I was reminded of the one theme that sadly remained constant – all were claimed, most under terrible conditions, in situations that pit man versus the enormity of the sea.”

“The joy of the project stemmed from the ability to work with other divers,” Grohman continued. “I had the unique opportunity to work with several historical research centers, both locally and globally, and dive groups as I dove into the past. Divers from the Long Island Divers Association, Wrecksploration, and Seascapes USA Dive Shop, including Larry Gerber, Mark Silverstein, John Bricker, Bob Auteri, Harold and Doug Acker, Adam Altman, William Pfeiffer and Tony Bliss, opened their dive logs to help me tell the stories of these wrecks that rest on the bottom of our waters. The end result is an interesting look at history. It is truly a hands on – and on the bottom – approach to our past.”

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Source: The Roslyn News


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