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Product Review – Halcyon Bellowed Pockets

Halcyon Bellowed Pocket

from their website :

The bellowed pocket features a streamlined, tapered sidewall design that still allows ease of use with dry gloves or mittens. It also has two tough braded nylon loops with enough room to clip off a spools and accessories. Two large grommets along the bottom of the pocket allow for quick draining.”

These pockets aren’t a new product and come in a variety of sizes and thankfully only black. We say thankfully because when there’s more colours to choose from it’s the pink and yellow that is usually available.

I would think most agree that Halcyon make quality rugged gear. It’s arguable that some features and some designs are not the best for open wreck diving but when it comes to pockets these work perfectly.

The exterior is a heavy duty cordura nylon similar to what you would find on mountain climbing equipment. The shape is perfect to fit many items from a back up finger reel to spare mask. There is however one feature that really makes this product stand out; thats the retention loops inside.

The retention loops allows you to clip everything in your pocket to loops inside. If you need something and you’re smart to clip everything then all you have to do is pull everything out, pick what you need and shove the rest back in. This makes it very easy to get a hold of something quick without loosing anything.

It also has a strong Velcro fastener as it’s main closer. I personally don’t like Velcro as it destroys wet suits and eventually gets old. But with having ours for over a year it still olds strong with daily use.

One thing i would say is negative about this product is it has a tendancy to destroy wet suits around where it’s stitched on. At the corners of the pocket where most of the stress is placed you will find it will start to rip after a lot of use and you really need a tailor that knows how to use long supporting stitches. It’s you’re using anything more than a 3mm wet suit you will need some craft knot work to get it to stay on.

Halcyon says it’s best to glue it on using cement which i can agree with but then if you want to take them off then it’s pretty much a pull and rip process.

In the end we use this product on our gear, it reduces the amount of gear hanging off you and perfect for people who want large, accessible pockets without adding it to their harness.


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