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Introducing the eRDPML

Electronic Recreational Dive Planner for Multilevel Dive Planning

The eRDPML is the next generation electronic dive planner. Like its predecessor the eRDP, the new eRDPML is not a dive computer but an electronic dive table that allows the user to plan single level and multilevel dives. While the first generation eRDP provided the same information as the Recreational Dive Planner (RDP) table, the eRDPML provides the same information as The Wheel, in an electronic format. The eRDPML helps maximize bottom time by allowing dive planning in two-metre/fivefoot increments.

The eRDPML has a robust design that includes a flip cover to protect the unit when not in use. The general rules and dive planning abbreviations (NDL, ANDL, ML, etc.) are printed on the inside of the flip cover, which provides easy access to information. Like the previous eRDP, the eRDPML is designed solely for use on the surface — It’s WaterProof! it’s water resistant, not waterproof. (why not!!!!?!?!?)

The eRDPML allows you to select either metric or imperial for dive planning and offers the same three modes as before:

Dive Planning
– allows you to plan up to five consecutive single depth dives or two- to three-level multilevel dives (similar to The Wheel).
Surface Interval – for finding minimum surface interval between dives
Maximum Depth – for calculating the maximum allowable depth for a given time
The same general rules and guidelines that apply when using The Wheel also apply when using the eRDPML. Like the eRDP, the eRDPML will prompt you to use some of these rules. For example:

Reminding you when a safety stop is required
Warning you when your planned dive is beyond the RDP limits
Reminding you when Special Rules for Multiple Dives (WX and YZ rules) apply
Warning you when your next planned level in a multilevel dive exceeds the multilevel ascent limit (Exceeds ML Ascent Limit)
Incorporating eRDPML in your diver courses
Because the eRDPML replaces the original eRDP and The Wheel, you can use it in any PADI course to plan either single level or multilevel dives. Though your PADI Office will no longer distribute The Wheel or the original eRDP, you may continue to use them in your diver-level courses until your stock is used up.

Beginning 1 January 2009, PADI Divemaster candidates will be required to have and be competent in the use of the eRDPML in addition to the RDP table version.

Now if only they’d make a little hand held technical dive planner… probably not waterproof either.


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