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Our Staff to be featured in Diver Magazine

Published photo journalist, Ayesha Cantrell, who’s work can be found in Dive Magazine, the Undersea Journal and several online publications has approached one of our staff Niall “Mac” Mackenzie for an interview about his story with technical diving, the tottori maru and the history with his family and now a staff member in a technical school. Ayesha is resident photography instructor for Ace Marine Images and co-owner of Buddha View Technical with her boyfriend Wiclo Booth.

Niall’s story is unique because of his father’s fascination with all ships built in scotland. His father was a fan and still keeps a fan club of vessels manufactured in scotland during the war. The tottori maru, a famous hell ship from japan, was built in Scotland. When Niall first came to Koh Tao he was unaware that the very same vessel that his father had such passion for was sunk only a few miles away. It wasn’t until he got into technical diving that this vessel was even mentioned. Early 2008 Niall got the chance and dove on the Torrori Maru with us on the Mv Trident technical liveaboard. He later became and instructor and now works in the industry.

You can read more about their latest trip here, written by Ayesha.


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