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Every wonder why don’t see sharks anymore when you dive?

Mindless shark killing. That’s why. Between the senseless slaughter of sharks by various Asian countries for shark fin soup and and the ridiculous shark tournaments here at home like The Montauk Shark Tournament the shark populations are plummeting.

100 million to 1 – This is the ratio of sharks to humans killed by one another in 2007. The average number of human fatalities for the last two decades, per the International Shark Attack File, was five. Compare that to the average of eighteen annual fatalities from dogs, and you have more to fear from Fido than you do from Jaws.Source

But there is a small glimmer of hope on the horizon. At least here in the USA.

To curb the illegal practice of removing shark fins at sea, U.S. officials announced Thursday that all sharks caught in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico must be brought ashore with their fins attached.The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also reduced by 85 percent the commercial fishing quota for the sandbar shark, a popular species for the Asian delicacy of shark fin soup. Recreational fishermen also will be banned from catching and keeping sandbar sharks.The new rules, which also reduce and set quotas for some other sharks, will help rebuild populations, NOAA says. Sharks take years to mature and they produce few offspring, making them vulnerable to overfishing, said Jim Balsiger, an acting assistant administrator.The rule will take effect July 24.AP NEWS

Now don’t get us wrong, we are not against sport fisherman who catch and release. We are not against fisherman who put food on our plates. But we are FIRMLY against the useless slaughter of sharks soley for the use of their fins, and the barbaric ways in which sharks are killed in uncontrolled tournaments like the The Montauk Shark Tournament . It seems that today, in 2008, people would have more understanding about the affects of removing these apex predators from the wild. Obviously the idiots who run the The Montauk Shark Tournament don’t get it. They should take a look at the Quiznos MadFin Tournament to see how it should be done.


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