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Bikini shuts its doors to divers

This is some sad news. Hopefully it is only temporary, because Bikini is one of those dives that is on almost every divers “must dive” lists. 

The flagship tourist destination in the Marshall Islands — a World War II fleet of ships sunk by nuclear tests at Bikini Atoll — will shut down in two weeks after sustaining unprecedented losses.

The unreliability of the one local airline and skyrocketing fuel prices torpedoed a once-thriving scuba diving business that lured thousands of visitors from Europe, America and Australia to this former nuclear test site in the Pacific, Bikini Atoll Divers manager Jack Niedenthal said Tuesday…

“After 13 great-though-challenging years as one of the premier wreck diving and fishing tourism sites in the Pacific, Bikini Atoll will be closed to tourists as of June 11,” Niedenthal said. “We have made this decision due to the unreliability of our local airline, Air Marshall Islands, and also because of the rapid rise in the world price of fuel, which has made all of our operating expenses just skyrocket beyond our means.”


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