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Cave Diving in Thailand

During the months of October – December Koh Tao experiences it’s lovely monsoon season. All of sudden it starts raining and the next thing you know it’s christmas. That doesn’t mean we stop diving, it just means we change location. We’ll still be doing local technical training but it’s difficult to get out on a liveaboard.

With that we’ll be offering Technical Cave Training and Day Trips. We’ll also be offering multi day excursions visiting different caves around Thailand.

We handle the logistics, hotels, gas, boat, taxi, diving, locations and certification.

These trips will be offered to anyone who is atleast Advanced Nitrox or Extended Range technical divers


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  1. peter

    The blue cave picture its a cenote of the yucatan….you dont must to mix pics when talking about thailand caves

    December 22, 2009 at 12:44 am