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Too Hot to Handle – Back To Work

The weather being as unpredictable as always his taken a turn for the amazing. A good friend of ours came back to the island today just dripping in sweat. It’s very hot, so much so that most people are staying inside during the day and only coming out at night. Thank god for air conditioning and fridges.

The Trimix boys are back and adjusting to being on land quite well. All raving reports from the Trident, we hope to have some pictures soon.

The next week is slowly coming together with a wreck trip on Wednesday and some Technical Extended Range courses to begin right after that. Unfortunately they can’t afford the big course but becoming a Tec Deep 1 diver is no small feat.

Also in an attempt to be eco aware a few divers from our team will be joining other schools to assist in a coral reef monitoring. This is done throughout the year to monitor the progress or decline of the reef. And without reef doesn’t just mean no divers, it means a lot more then that. So we’ll come along and cover a larger area then the recreational divers and hopefully collect some data for them.

The July 25th Trip to the “Big Boy” is still planned. One of our crew members will be attending this trip leaving others to train divers for the “Hammer Head” tour going out in August 1st. There are spaces available on this trips at the moment but sure to change at any minute.


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