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Wreck Unicorn identified as Hishidaiya Maru

Yesterday the Big Blue Tech crew joined the Mv Trident on the local wreck the Unicorn. This was a chance for recreational divers to explore the wreck and get an insight into technical diving.

During the day many different types of diving were conducted from recreational limits to technical training. Some tasks were completed from cleaning a memorial plaque outside the engine room to exploring the wheelhouse.

Our instructor James Thornton-Allan was able to enter the wheelhouse and because of the recent wreck cleanup being conducted a lot of items were shifted and revealed. Inside was found a box with medical supplies inventory with the name “Hishidaiya” repeated in several locations along with several different medical items.

After removing these items it was found they were bottles for IV use and other medical tools. One the second dive we found the box again and this time had a plate on the box itself that identified the wreck was from Osaka Japan and again the name Hishidaiya repeated.

We’ve always know this wreck was not called the unicorn but now it has an official name. You can see images from the items removed below.


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