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Big Blue Tech: Local Diving

For inexpensive technical diving, you can’t beat Koh Tao. Perfect for divers earning hours on their ccr unit or technical divers wishing to get more experience. We also use these dive destination for beginner technical diving courses in calm and controlled conditions where depth is not the concern.

These trips can be included with your technical training course.

Sail Rock

Location: North of Koh Pha-ngan, Koh Tao, Thailand

Description: Huge rock island

Depth: 55 meters

Visibility: 10 – 30 meters

Rating: *****

Sail rock dive site is unique beyond other dive sites in the region for its variety and abundance of marine life. because the dive site is cylinder shaped with it exposed above the surface prevents fishing nets from being passed over the site.

We use this dive site to conduct decompression training dives or technical extended range dives. typically we will visit this dive site on full day trips as part of a 3 dive day which includes cooked meals and free drinks. All of which are included in courses. Those who wish to dive already certified should contact us.

Southwest Pinnacles

Location: Southwest of Koh Tao, Thailand

Description: large spread out pinnacles and sandy bottom

Depth: 30 meters

Visibility: 10 – 20 meters

Rating: ****

This dive site is used primarily for training and experience building purposes. For already certified technical divers looking for something different this is not the site for you. However many enjoy the secret pinnacle known only to a few divers on koh tao which has pristine sea fans due to it’s low diver traffic.

The Torpedo Wreck

Location: 2 hours north of Koh Tao, Gulf of Thailand

Description: Japanese cargo ship

Length: 60 meters

Depth: 42 – 54 meters

Visibility: 10 – 15 meters

Rating: *****

The Torpedo Wreck lies upright in 54m, is 60m long with two large holds and a crane collapsed onto the deck. Three levels of easy penetration on the stern – engine room, accommodation, wheelhouse. Not suitable for recreational divers as this would be a bounce dive. However technical divers can enjoy a great dive on this practically untouched wreck. The name derives from Thai fishermen who identified the teak logs in the holds for torpedo’s, i guess narcosis effects all.

The Unicorn Wreck

Location: Koh Tao, Gulf of Thailand

Description: Japanese Steel freighter

Length: 60 meters

Depth: 38 – 50 meters

Visibility: 5 – 10 meters (15 – 30 feet)

Rating: *****

The wreck is of a large modern 1960’s-70’s steel freighter. The vessel leans slightly on its port side at an angle of 60 degrees with the top of the bow at 38m and the keel of the bow area several meters above the seabed allowing divers to swim under this area of the hull. The wreck is completely intact. All penetration is very tight with only room for one diver. However penetration is not recommended even for technical divers due to silting. In april of 2008 divers from Big Blue Tech identified the wreck as the Hishidaiaya Maru but left it as Unicorn.

Chumphon Pinnacle

Location: Koh Tao, Gulf of Thailand

Description: Underwater pinnacle

Depth: 30 meters (98 feet)

Visibility: 20 – 25 meters (65 – 80 feet)

Rating: ****

Sharks, Sharks and more Sharks. This busy dive destination is used by everyone on Koh Tao. Although not suitable for open water dives since the site starts at 16m this dive site is one of our more accessible deep sites where 50m is found easily. The main attraction is Bull Sharks, Gray Reef Sharks and Whale Sharks which can be found daily. We use this site for training purposes and for fun technical diving when you just want to watch the sharks go by for hours.


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